2020 We can look back at a year like no other

Its official we can include 2020 as a memory lane even though it is a year most industries and people just want to forget. No matter which way you look at it this is one industry that never stops. There will always be a need for fire and rescue as we all live today.

Many challenges and those we have lost we take a moment of silence. With that said and done we share this well documented video courtesy of E One Fire Trucks owned by Rev Group.



Sutphen Fire Trucks

We choose Sutphen for the first in this segment as it is a family owned and oldest companies building fire trucks. Originally started in the late 1800’s they have been building ever since. This following video is courtesy of Sutphen fire trucks shot nine years ago. As president and C.E.O., it is a personal pleasure to have some involvement of looking for a new truck years past. Much more to come but as we just start this segment December 2020 enjoy this video and we will share a link to our sister site that is all about fire and rescue latter,

Courtesy Sutphen Fire Trucks

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/02/20



This Day 1903 we now Celebrate Wings Brothers Day

Eight Days before Christmas two brothers sought for first Flight in 1903. True love to the Wright Brothers who begun aviation in Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. The maiden flight lasted 12 second on December 17, 1903. Forever thankful we all are around the world as aviation was born that day that year from true passion and determination.

Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright had been experimenting since 1899 with the concept of powered flight. From that day December 17, 1903 we have cone a long way. Without them many things would have been different specially in the early days of flight. Another of many famous stories was the birth of Trans World Airways that was founded by Howard Hughes July 16, 1930 with a true airline that is became synonymous as TWA. As we all know acquired by American Airlines December 1, 2001.

From propeller to jet age one of the marvels was the De Havilland DH 106 Comet which became the first commercial worldwide jetliner. First prototype flew in 1949 with some unfortunate yet catastrophic breakups. Latter on an as years of redesign and intense testing the improved comet 2 and 3 subsequently provided the industry the new and improved Comet 4 series which began flying commercial flight in 1958. The last commercial flight was in 1981. It continued to be flown by the British Royal Air Force until 2011 spanning a 60-year lifetime of flying.

Many years from the birth of aviation gave us the McDonnell Douglas DC 8 the first flew April 9, 1958 from its Long Beach Airport production line. From there on many other great s like the Boeing 747 as known as the Jumbo Jet or as we say the Queen of the skies. The first flight was February 9, 1969 and late December that year certified to fly commercial flight. Pan American World Airways known as Pan Am was the first airline to fly commercial Boeing 747 – 100 series flight.

So, we at Fire and Aviation TV like millions around this world would like to take a moment today. To thanks and remember the great Wright Brothers that began the history of powered flight back on December 17, 1903. Wing Brothers Day.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/17/20


Boeing 747 – 8

Courtesy Boeing Airplanes

Before we go way back in our new segment memory lane this video was May 2011 courtesy of Boeing airplanes. The Boeing 747 without a doubt has and always will be since the late 1960’s “Queen of the Skies”. Currently and more recently UPS took delivery of another Boeing 747-8 Freighter. This is a video that will take you back a little down memory lane.

Fire and Aviation TV 12/02/20