Great Carrer We Encourage Younger Generation

In April 2024, recently US postal service (USPS) signed a contract with UPS for flying all mail. For many it is a kids dream, and many pursue that dream. Below we share courtesy of UPS an incredibly special dream that can come true. Female pilots are just as good as males and with a shortage long term we hope this encourages many a young person to take this up as a career.

Furthermore, airlines today are ordering an increased number of new aircraft for the next five to fifteen plans. As those serving in the military, we encourage to join commercial and cargo flight when you exit your military careers. We hope you enjoy this very special video.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV April 10, 2024


JetBlue Was Ideally Looking Forward

There comes a time when mergers and business don’t always go as planned. After the failure to merge due to a original judge decision in early 2024. Both airlines tried back and forth to appeal the decision. Finally, in less than a month later the deal was officially off and the two airlines are now going their own separate ways.

Third week of March 2024 JetBlue Airways announced some serious cuts of service to its routes. Fort Lauderdale will lose a number of flights from JetBlue. One critical route that is lackluster to the airline but should really be competitive is Ausstin Bergstrom International Airport where the airline is cutting the direct flight to Fort Lauderdale. Other major cuts will be made in order for JetBlue to make money.

We reflect back to what could have been at the same time what the airline first became with this video courtesy of JetBlue Airways.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV March 24 2024

Welcome to More International Service at Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airline commenced operations April 28, 2021. With the original headquarters based in Houston Texas many of the fleet operated from smaller airports like Tweed in New Haven CT. Flight like this to major airports for example FLL Fort Lauderdale. First international flights began in November 2023 to San Juan Puerto Rico.

Courtesy Avelo Airlines

Since April 2021 they have come a long way and as of January 27, 2024, another airport offers international destinations. Through apple vacations Avelo offers service from Lansing MI to Cancun Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamica, and Punta Cana Dominican Republic. This service is until the end of March 2024. Let’s see how well this goes for capacity.

Source Fire and Aviation TV January 30, 2024  


Piedmont Airlines 2024 Begin a Bright Future

As we cast our memories back to the late 1980’s out of Albany New York and flying from time to time to Newark our go to airline was Piedmont Airlines. Back then until 1990 we flew the Beechcraft 99, Beechcraft 1900 and Shorts 330.

Over the years US Air bought them out in the 1990’s . Later yera American then took over and ever since they have been flying under the America airlines fleet with smaller jets that being the ERJ 145’s. An impressive story yet twists and turns we now begin 2024.

Courtesy Piedmont Press Release

Ground crews and airline operations have been outstanding at the close of 2023. Growth and future forecast looking bright and full of positive advancement when you work with them. At Fire and Aviation TV are proud to place Piedmont Airlines in our spotlight for the first one this year 2024.

Editorial By fire and Aviation TV 01/02/24


Airlines Division Complete Overhaul

Effective Monday December 18, 2023, we begin at fire and aviation tv a complete overhaul of our airlines division. This is to bring us into 2024 which the industry will see record numbers and many challenges.

We start with bringing some of the latest updates affecting the Holiday and Christmas 2023 travel. Currently in Iceland there are NO guarantees the airlines can give on getting you to your destination due to Air Traffic dispute. See below the current Iceland Air day to day flight status as many flights are cancelled.

Click on airline to see flight status at Icelandair.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/18/23


India s Go Air Grounded until February 2024

December 17, 2023, low cost Go Air India made an all-out cease of schedule flights now until February 2024. See the statement below from the airline themselves.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/17/23