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Frontier Airlines

From humble beginning Frontier Airlines began July 5, 1994. The founders of this airline being aviation professionals. Both Frederick Brown a former United Airlines pilot and his wife Jan Brown. Mrs. Brown was a flight attendant and in charge being the head of the union AFA for flight attendants. The story of how it all began is a funny yet simple one that began July 1994.

For years like many other companies there were ups and downs. From Bankruptcy Chapter 11 in May 2008 to acquisition by Republic Airways Holdings. Eventually in October 2009 during which time other competing airline and others tried to purchase the airline. Frontier Airlines came out stronger than before and has continued to prove they are here for a very long time.

Based in Denver like any airline they have had other types of challenges which makes any company stronger. From Management changes to winter weather can make anyone a tougher airline or company. December 2016 was a rough weather-wise disrupting flight operation with up to 70 percent one day in particular. Right as the peak of Christmas travel was in full swing delays and cancellations. No matter how bad it was there were some criticizing how scheduling department and the airline handled it, but you can’t predict mother nature. You can however manage the best was possible with a great team in operations.

Courtesy Frontier Airlines

Before we exit 2019 a major announcement of flight schedule and routes has been made. Including a new base in Orlando Florida creating new jobs. Strictly an airbus operator of different variants of the A319 320 and 321 they also have future orders of Airbus A321 Neo and XLR’s. December 19, 2019 announcement of a new Training facility and hanger adding 45 new jobs in Orlando with a new training base. Planned to open the new 35,000 square foot hanger and facilities will open in 2 years. In addition, it will be able to house the Airbus A321 with 2 dedicated outdoor parking areas for the Airbus A320. As 2020 begging the airline will add 18 nonstop flights to Guatemala, El Salvador and Caribbean airports. Frontier airlines will start a Miami based hub in 2020 with 8 more flights and crews based in Miami.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/20/19


Sun Country Airlines

We made our first introduction to Sun Country in Orlando in 1991. A beautiful Sun Country logo back in the day on a McDonnel Douglas DC-10. Never forget a beautiful plane and great logo. Since the years have passed, we always remembered the warmth that logo made us feel.

The year is ending, and another decade is coming to a close. Getting acquainted in 2019 with the airline Sun Country a true gem that still today provides a great airline. Recently a major contract and adding a new chapter entering the new year 2020 will bring jobs and more solidification that Sun Country Airlines is forever here to stay. There top five designations as it stands right now are:

Minneapolis St Paul

Las Vegas N.V.

Portland Oregon

Los Angeles C.A

Orlando Florida

Courtesy Sun Country Airlines

With this said many years working hard has paid off. Currently they have an order for ten Boeing 737-800BCF Cargo aircraft. Right now, in their normal flights for commercial schedule are 29 Boeing 737 800 aircraft and one 700 series for charter only. It our honor to know and show you a great airline that takes care of its passengers.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/19/19