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April 2024, we begin back on the road or as we say back in the air. Along with this difficult start of the year for many including us we are now more focused than ever. We are looking at partnering up at an airport and developing that next level of media and marketing.

Many airports across the country have been given major financial support in improving and expanding for the future. There are now more airports than even expanding or improving. We are excited for all municipalities and airports alone for this vibrant new chapter in the history of American airports. We welcome and are looking for an airport and maybe others for an exciting opportunity to take it to the next level of media coverage.


Media and Mayhem Thankyou Twitter now X

Ever since the beginning of 2024 from Japan’s major earthquake to the Japan Airlines major accident. It all began there when soon after a Boeing &#& door panel blowout at Alaska airlines. The aircraft was a new plane with a short number of flying hours in service. This alone with many became to date media mayhem. See us at FireandAviation TV (@FireandAviation) / X

We cannot constantly write stories about everything. That’s where we are thankful that twitter which is now X, enables us at Fire and Aviation TV to keep you constantly updated with sharing others.

Our media division at Fire and Aviation TV keeps us updated with you as much as is essential to all. As late March 2024 we are looking at avenues to grow exponentially. We look forward to meeting others and building greater business relationships that bring the essential information and news to you that matter today and for those in the future. Stay tuned and keep us in your list of contacts as we continue to bring what matters to today’s fire and aviation industries.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV March 24, 2024


Media Division February 2024 Onward

January 2024 came running out of the gate with so much happening in aviation period! Our media division continues to grow with a strong increase of numbers before we even finish the first month of 2024.

Media division we also offer P.I.O. service to those that will need this service and management in both Fire and Aviation. Many have that and some do not. Times like these and with words from many unsettling times we look at the world differently. Never in the history of the world since towards the end of World War 2 has tension been so high.

Tension in parts of the World is daunting way beyond the time of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. We have entered a chapter in history that is in uncharted waters. Preplanning and correct information needs to be of the utmost and more than ever including diplomacy.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV January 29, 2024


Airlines Division November 2023

This year, like many, has been a challenge for many airlines in so many ways. Although we see improvement based on last year’s events. As President / C.E.O. there are times when air travel is constant. We notice what’s going on and airlines knowingly it’s a challenge and need improvement some more than others.

A huge thank you to all those pilots and flight attendants that do this week in week out. From possible mergers to new airlines and young ones too. Day to day operations takes a lot to take off and landing every day,

Fleet management is another major factor in operations as is maintenance and flight hours out of each aircraft. At Fire and Aviation, we are looking at this page and fully understand updates and changes needed.  In the early part of the New Year 2024 we will overhaul this page as it is outdated. Due to lots of flying and projects thus restricting us to update until then. Like the airlines we are not perfect but fully aware updates and changes are needed.

This goes out to a few airlines knowing what needs to change and improve your product is half the battle in business and leadership.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 11/13/23


Fire and Aviation TV 2023 Update

Fire and Aviation TV reports Monday through Fridays and disperses public information through X formerly known as Twitter. As worldwide events happen rapidly this is the quickest way to share many of these stories than to publish alone. Everything these days from wildfires to aviation delays and issues are on the increase with so much more to the story.

Unprecedented events and global crisis are affecting lives of many from historical flooding in Norway to horrific wildfire that devasted the island of Maui Hawaii.

Time management is restricted as the many hours we put in with a term boot on the ground and not tied up to social media and computer desk. There will come a time we have to make some executive decisions in order to grow more and serve you all better.

With many events, both fire and aviation, we continue in both industries. There are also some municipalities making the wrong choices with fire and rescue that could cause more harm than good.

Whether short term or long term the right choices of those are sometime personal choices for whatever reason but not the right one. That’s a story for another day as our time management is limited to many other aspects. We look forward to September and others for us to edit and grow more.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 08/13/23


Media Division May 2023

Media has been and will continue to be provided via Twitter account as more fluid and up to the minute on events that occur. To the right side of this page you will see a list of companies or departments that will link you to our media and posts in the most recent based on the link you click. See

From tornadoes to major flooding events, we were impacted at some point this year and yet still functioning under difficult circumstances. It’s amazing the force of nature and how much it has changed in the last ten years.

We, like millions of others need to understand this is the new normal and yes it will get worse. Same goes for turbulent air unfortunately. Airlines need to understand they can not fly ALL routes the same or push through turbulent skies. In recent months there has been violent turbulence where at least one or two incidents like the Lufthansa flight for example from Austin to Frankfurt. This flight experienced SEVERE turbulence beyond comprehension.

That morning we reported severe weather and noticed a severe line of thunderstorms and weather stretching from Texas to Washington DC, so why would you fly through that? See this news clip we share with you .

Source Fire and Aviation TV 05/06/23


Media Division Proves we are Essential

As we are Fire and Aviation TV there has been a lull in our productivity due to total mess of the airline and airports. We cutback our travel and other projects before there we more problems than solutions. In September 2022 we were hopeful that many things will turn around for the airline industry.

Since then, we have seen multiple reasons and events causing 2022 to be one of the worse years for flying commercial airlines. Even a major meltdown by Southwest Airlines right in the middle of Christmas travel and the week after. Causing at least 62 per cent of the entire network of the airlines flights to be cancelled three consecutive days.

Then Wednesday January 11, 2023, the F.A.A. had a full ground stop from overnight until 9am to 9.30am EST as the NOTAM system was offline. Later to be found a corrupt / bad file. This is the first time since 9/11 that all domestic flights were grounded including some international inbound and departure flights were also affected. This caused some 10,000 flights to be delayed and a few thousand cancellations,

Fire and Aviation TV as always reporting about this like all other events. Our morning reports are essential for all in the industry and all of us that fly.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 01/13/23


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