Any business goes through changes and adjustments. Fire and Aviation TV is no exception and just gets better as time evolves. Welcome to our updated version of former sponsorships and media to the new Media Marketing Division.

Effective May 2, 2023, our former page has a new name and more to the real reason what today’s business needs. Media marketing is one of our strong points we have kept on the shelves as working for others. We are taking the reins with our company representing the industries in both fire and aviation. On media marketing will focus first and foremost in the aviation sector where it is need most at this time.


August Updates

Fire and Aviation TV reports Monday through Fridays and disperses public information through X formerly known as Twitter. As worldwide events happen rapidly this is the quickest way to share many of these stories than to publish alone. Everything these days from wildfires to aviation delays and issues are on the increase with so much more to the story.

Unprecedented events and global crisis are affecting lives of many from historical flooding in Norway to horrific wildfire that devasted the island of Maui Hawaii.

Time management is restricted as the many hours we put in with a term boot on the ground and not tied up to social media and computer desk. There will come a time we have to make some executive decisions in order to grow more and serve you all better.

With many events, both fire and aviation, we continue in both industries. There are also some municipalities making the wrong choices with fire and rescue that could cause more harm than good.

Whether short term or long term the right choices of those are sometime personal choices for whatever reason but not the right one. That’s a story for another day as our time management is limited to many other aspects. We look forward to September and others for us to edit and grow more.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 08/13/23