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New Technology and Fire Trucks

Since attending and involved with SXSW in March 2024 like to thank the organizers and all first responders in the city of Austin Texas. Outstanding organization and operationally speaking.

New Technology, as many of us hate to change we must in order to move ahead, New Technology from AI to electric Fire Trucks. Training is essential no matter what technology, but there are cites, and industries marking 2050 as the year for many different goals. Those include fuel efficiency, and many cities and some states have aggressive goals banning sale of gas purchased vehicles by then. Where will this leave many industries including first responders? Electric fire Trucks is a start, Let’s see others get involved in future development because it’s time for more competitors.

Fire and Aviation TV for one is all for innovative technology and at the same too for improvements. Tools and technology to make it better and safer to fight fires and on EMS. Anything to make it better and improve EMS. Without a doubt to stock any rescue or fire truck is expensive. Maybe future technology can be overall less expensive to stock and run in years to come.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV May 13, 2024


First though we would like to congratulate E-One this year celebrating 50 years of manufacturing and building fire trucks. A personal experience also that goes back with pride and years of research. Below is a video courtesy of E-One.

Both Videos Courtesy E-One
Thank you from us to all you at E-One.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV March 24, 2024


Welcome and Happy New Year 2024. Have a great and safe year as we begin the year moving forward.

Fire Rescue division is a part of Fire and Aviation TV that as Owner/ C.E.O. very dear to the heart. Having served in the fire rescue service and given many years its personal. As we begin 2024 a lot happened last few years and until now there was no time to edit or give time to the projects.

Many things have changed and this month through March 2024 there will be a site FD and Rescue dot com that Fire and Aviation TV now owns outright. A complete rebuild will take the next three months and gradually you will be able to see the progress until brought up to date. Then moving forward we will add accordingly.

There are a number of things we will be covering and taking heart to as all fire rescue we take seriously and professionally. Furthermore, there are many departments that need help and much more. We will be focused to bring this to you either through X media platform (formerly known as twitter) or through FD and Rescue dot com. Our twitter link is

Moving forward Fire and Aviation TV provides the following in Fire and Rescue

1 – Media and consulting service for fire departments with cities and municipalities in mind.

2 – Fire Station functionality and design

3 – Fire Equipment

4 – Apparatus recommendation and coming spring 2024 Fire Trucks (Used)

Fire and Aviation TV is passionate about fire rescue and history. As Owner and C.E.O having been at World Trade Center New York September 10, 2001, Working in airport operations and a fire fighter, Never Forget 9/11.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV January 4, 2024


Sutphen Delivery to Lake Travis Texas

Based in Texas and former fighter it been an honor to serve. During such time holding rank and file best opportunity also shopping for fire apparatus.

We are excited for Lake Travis Fire Rescue. This month December they receive a Sutphen SPH 100 Ladder as shown by LT Ted Harris. This video is courtesy of Sutphen Fire Trucks, and we are proud Texas has another great addition.

Courtesy Sutphen Fire Trucks

Fire and Aviation TV 12/02/20