Regional Airports Are Changing

May 24, 2024, my o my have we come long way since lockdown 2020 due to Coronavirus pandemic. Many regional airports with aligned growth of a few airlines have been and will become revived. Below are those served by one or two airlines or flights to bring a whole new chapter in aviation and air travel.

GLH Greenville Mid Delta Airport – Mississippi

ACV California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport

MGW Morgantown Municipal Airport – West Viginia

EWN New Bern NC – Coastal Carolina Regional Airport

RDD Redding Regional Airport- California

LNS Lancaster Airport – Pennsylvania

LAN Lansing MI – Capital Region International Airport

LEB Lebanon Municipal Airport – New Hampshire

PBG Plattsburgh International Airport – NY

SPI Springfield IL – Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport

Regional Airports New Beginning 2024

Welcome to regional airports January 16, 2024.This is a new division for Fire and Aviation TV for which is needed in the event of weather situations or an emergency.

Listed are some of the airports that are essential in aviation today. Also, some low-cost carriers look at smaller and less used airports to start commercial or even charter service. Executive jets are used for business or corporations in need of smaller airfields than that of bigger airports for many reasons including landing fees.

The list will grow as the year continues. The severe freeze and weather conditions across the country. Fire and Aviation TV is changing to a better service and voice for both Fire and Aviation, This in mind we move forward starting with a few airports first.