M.C.I. Airport Training

Like the military fire and rescue uses a lot of acronyms. MCI stands for mass casualty incident and airports must perform every three years per the FAA. This includes multiple agencies, mutual aid and all those departments involved in airport operations.

Courtesy of Dallas Love Field Airport there is a short 5-minute video. Any airport will ask for volunteers prior to the day of the event and all these volunteers assist in the training with make-up and simulation only of their injuries. This video is of a full-scale simulation only.

Again, every three years airports are mandated by the Federal Aviation Authority to simulate the real event. Training is essential and lessons can always be learned. Even those on fire departments may have not been on the department since the last MCI. Many agencies participate, and the logistics is complex but well organized.

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Training is Essential

Airports like and other Fire Department train but every few years Airports have to perform a mass casualty. Training sessions they invite other surrounding departments like as if mutual aid calls.

Video Courtesy Philadelphia Fire Department

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ARFF – Airport Rescue Fire Fighter

ARFF apparatus can be used also off airport when needed. Years ago for example an incident in Fort Lauderdale on the flight path outside the executive airport a Cargo plane C-47, also well known as a DC-3 could not climb to its acquired altitude and therefore came down on a residential road in a residential neighborhood. ARFF equipment was dispatched from the airport to the site of the plane crash landing.

Addition to that recently last year a video provided by Lake Township Fire Department and ARFF 28 from a local airport responding to a tractor trailer fire on a residential street back in 2023.

Video Courtesy Lake Township Fire Department.

Over the years we have seen many ARFF units respond to highways assisting fire department even their own county trucks like in South Florida on the interstate. It is due to the vast volume and foam suppression that can put out a fire like the tractor Trailor above.

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Celebrating 50 Years Everyday Safety is Covered

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports here in the U.S. Along with that Airport Fire and Rescue is always ready and trained to handle emergencies no matter how big or small.

Courtesy DFW Airport

Even as we went to press late today, an event unfolded at Hobby Airport in Houston. Like a fire department you never know when or what until it happens, Training is essential and for an ARFF it’s more than the regular fire rescue in cities and municipalities. Fiore departments also need a good financial budget to keep up with equipment and costs.

Recently the Government gave multi millions of dollars to airports. We highly recommend that all fire rescue divisions at airport’s get a fair slice of that in addition to budgets.

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Fire and Rescue

Former page on this site as of February 1, 2024, will be completely moved to FDandRescue,com

Also see our new division regional airports and rescue. We felt that not is enough being done for the regional airports that where some are slowly bur surely attracting low budget airlines that bring commercial airlines flights. This alone brings revenue and a mix of commercial and tourism dollars to the surround cities.

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Fire Rescue and Airports

Fire rescue is a requirement at airports. Essential services like anything else when you have a community to protect. Cities and municipalities have to understand that it has to be in their budget whether they like it or not. There are some over the years that have cut budgets or even cut ties with Volunteer Departments, or a city owned contracted fire department to other cities or county.

Other cities and states get it right with a great structure and understanding what’s essential. A few years back a personal trip to Centennial Airport in Colorado was the introduction to South Metro Fire and Rescue, We begin the journey of catching up and sharing the stories and videos for which we introduced to a few years ago. Outstanding Fire Department if only many city managers and politicians could listen and understand. The importance of spending saves lives and property. Without question brings an identity of pride within any city or municipality.

Video Courtesy South Metro Fire Rescue

More to come months ahead at for which Fire and Aviation TV now owns outright.

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December and Airports

Welcome to Fire and Aviation TV ARFF division. Airport rescue and ARFF is essential services to any airport that operates worldwide. Like millions of others our company had to shelter in place and was like many airlines grounded..

December 1, 2020 we cannot believe this year as millions of other feel the same. Unprecedented a word that millions of media and press now use so commonly, we started using this way before coronavirus as we call COVID19 was anywhere near being global let alone in US and Canada. So much has happened this year and devastated many lives and livelihoods.

Any airport needs ARFF and we for one apologize for not keeping up with the times. This year by far has been historically different and extremely difficult times. We will in upcoming weeks begin to make changes. We are by far a year behind due to COVID19. Many videos can be shown. We share courtesy of San Jose International Airport and San Jose Fire Department who make it feel like a family.

Courtesy San Jose Fire Depatment (July 2019)

New Year 2021 will be far better and makes for a vastly different world even with a Vaccine on the horizon. We were just getting started this time las year and have no plans to step down by far. My great years ahead with the many great years we served I the fire service and having worked at some international airports. As President / C.E.O. of Fire and Aviation TV this company will grow and serve both industries with making a positive and productive difference. As a company Fire and Aviation TV will be there making it happen. As time moves forward the company will need to adapt and grow therefore growth will mean jobs. ARFF and rescue is as important to any location as we care about people and live matter.

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