Tragedy Darkens the First Month of 2020

We all know the true loss when loved ones and family members pass away. When great people die due to accidents, we call this a tragedy. Either way you look at it loss of loved ones can have an affect on us all. Sunday a few days ago in Calabass, California 9 people lost their lives when a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter crashed killing all on board. Those among the dead were Kobe Bryant his 13-year-old daughter and seven others. Media have covered this extensively with awe and shock. We at Fire and Aviation gave our thoughts and prayers through social media as any loss of any loved one friends, or family is hard. This goes out to all those affected.

Fire and rescue arrived that foggy morning to find the crash site to be a hard area to recover. It was an area where no matter what first responders attended and aided to the best of their abilities. All necessary agencies recovered what they could under the circumstances. Being a first responder no matter what division or department you work for it runs deep to help those that is what is required.

Today January 28, 2020 a 7.7 magnitude earthquake was felt near Jamaica and just south of Cuba. Other parts felt this like The Cayman Islands giving you the vertigo feeling. With such intensity Tsunami warnings were issued. A report of a 0.4-foot Tsunami in the Cayman Islands at George Town. There were several aftershocks and one of them measured 6.1.

As far as Miami this was felt where first responders responded to tall bank building being evacuated and even an elevator rescue was need at one time on a call in Miami. Brickell Avenue in Miami where some tall buildings are located were evacuated just as a precaution only. News media gave extensive coverage as this part of the world earthquakes are not normal like other parts of the world. Even as we begin 2020 other parts like Puerto Rico and across the globe in Turkey. As first responders and other agencies we are going to have to be multi tasked with global environmental changes. As far as airport operations there were no reports of significant damage from the Jamaica earthquake. There were no operational cancellations at the time of this report.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 01/28/20

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