Unprecedented Weather to Unprecedented Times

October where did it go a whirlwind of events claiming life, property, and business losses. From a global warming event to catastrophic weather events that might change our world forward. Today as we stand Hurricane Zeta about to affect New Orleans the 27th named storm this hurricane season. Then there are abundance of wildfires devasting many of peoples lives and livelihood, including their homestead. Among all this we are several months into Covid19 where surges just about rocking the economy and stocks markets. For both Fire and Aviation these two other major factors in our lives play significant roles to surviving.

Unprecedented yes, we would say this even though stronger words should be said. The year 2020 is officially the beginning of a new era and decade. Life changing for fire service first responders and so much more. Globally for airlines and aviation industry changing the face of many. Structure and organization are something that has been bashed harder around business than ever. Size of airlines that do survive will be smaller for at least the next few years with 2023 predicted a new growth. Forecast for the beginning of 2021 is reflected in many airlines cut of flights and capacity.

Our analysist of airlines with some are on the money and straight to the point. So, it is in our interest at fire and aviation tv to push forward in a slightly different direction yet like an original plan. Like many airlines we have taken a hit and yet adapt to the changes. Lufthansa reflects on less air travel and continues to ground more aircraft during the winter months to come. Larger aircraft to be extended in storage and smaller more versatile aircraft to fly the airlines flag.  In the states we hear of Southwest taking the Airbus A220 as a major consideration for future flight ops. Truly can Boeing lose the 737 operating airline to its competitor for future of some aircraft sales. Its about surviving and taking the best option to try and be profitable so yes Southwest could go to a smaller aircraft. Storage of aircraft is at an all time high since commercial jet flight has been available. The 9/11 event does not count for those few days.

One aircraft manufacturer we have not heard much of but a great one is Embraer. They build great planes from the 170 and 175. In addition to the 190 and 195. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways operate different types along with SkyWest. Best way to stay afloat is to maximize fleet and availability. On the other hand, Airports too are failing to make money like prior to covid19. Nearly 200 airports in Europe are close to insolvency. Canadian Airports are asking the government for help. Again, this is needed the help to maintain structure. We see smaller airports here in the states losing flights and revenue that could cause many financial strains beyond.

Finally, fire departments and first responders are going to be affected in some municipalities on financing. Just yesterday the city of New Orleans announced 2021 budget cuts that would affect fire rescue and others first responders. With a hurricane fast approaching this is the last thing they need. Again, structure its needed and so is the cost of keeping it. The next few years we are looking at recovery for many industries and both Fire and Aviation. This where so much more is needed and where here for the long haul. Follow us at twitter and keep informed what is important. More avenues or spreading the news to be announced November 2020.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 10/28/20

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