Weather and Other Woes Cause Delays and Cancellations

February 23, 2022, the country impacted by two major storm fronts. This will continue to impact both road and air travel into Thursday and Friday. Major storm impacting Oklahoma City and many others in the path. At the beginning of this year the first Monday faced major cancellations and delays. With this weather pattern it is obvious Fire and Aviation TV reports in the mornings are essential to many. We are here for you and continue to do so six mornings a week.

Unprecedented events still 2 years we are struggling with coronavirus pandemic. Recently Australia opened its borders for the first time in almost 2 years. They have decided to relax restrictions and just deal with it rather than lockdown business and travel. We at fire and aviation TV understand the sheer frustration that this pandemic had impacted business.

With so much going on with the world today its changed. Change will continue to develop other situations and scenarios. Another reason we are constantly on the road and looking for change to grow. Any business must adapt and that goes for the airline industry too.

For fire rescue division we need to find the time to re develop our other site and hire down the road others in order to grow with sustainable income for this division. For now, February 23, 2022, we will take March the month to do our spring cleaning and plan months and years ahead. No matter what we are here for you both consulting planning development and multimedia as you can see through our twitter fire and aviation.

Fire and Aviation TV 02/23/22