First Monday of 2022 A Mess for Travelers

We had predicted even before thanksgiving that the Holidays and Christmas would not be easy. That was before a new variant of Covid19 called Omicron. Staffing shortages have been a problematic situation ever since the summer when air travel picked up. We advised about this too before the summer season

Now certain airlines like JetBlue, United and Delta airlines are only now scaling back for the rest of January. To add shortage and Covid19 Omicron you can now add weather as a triple punch to travel plans. Southwest Airlines were one of the most affected airlines Monday as Baltimore / Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport was the hardest hit with snow. Washington DC Reagan and Dulles also affected considerably. Since Christmas eve to today Monday 24.000 flights have been cancelled alone. Late Monday night they are already reporting Tuesday January 4 around 600 estimated to be cancelled. Even the FAA mentioned in a brief release that covid new variant Omicron would affect airlines beyond the holidays by a few more weeks

For 2022 new flexible schedules are needed until we can see significant projected decrease of infections. Fire Departments hospitals across the country are also affected with sickouts. From Washington DC to Seattle Washington many departments feeling the stress of callouts in various parts of the country. Even though the CDC have reduced the self-isolation / quarantine time to five days even those vaccinated can get mild symptoms. Booster shots help but even in Canada news has surfaced that a few had got omicron after booster shot. We all need to be careful and mask up more, we now use our mask more even though vaccinated.

Finally international travel can change even on the same day as Delta flight recently found out halfway from Seattle to China. That one-day Delta had to turn back to Seattle. Even words are suggesting that France will ban Americans to arrive in the country, but this is not confirmed as we print this, Air travel is strongly advised to be delayed if not needed or can be rescheduled even recently requested by Alaska Airlines.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 01/03/22