For 2024 Abnormal Will Be the New Normal

A New Year and already a jam-packed abnormal event/s This will become the new normal for 2024 and more years to come.

Aviation industry to start already two major blows for airline and aircraft safety with two complete hull losses and five deaths. To one miraculous hull damage and no loss of life

From earthquake in Japan and more to come we are used to but then smaller tremors in places like New York City causing explosions below ground. While we are talking about explosions a major explosion in Fort Worth Monday January 8, 2024. This explosion is most probably a gas explosion that injured 21 people. The Sandman Signature Hotel was a landmark in Fort Worth and still to this hour of article search and rescue are going through the ruble to make sure that no one was trapped. Although 21 people were injured, all those who escaped are accounted for.

Over the past weekend a Tornado downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida for which never happens. Waterspouts yes hurricanes sometimes but Tornadoes no. Then a Tornado touched down in the panhandle of Florida on January 9, 2024.

Weather patterns will be extreme as recent reports show how 2023 was the warmest on earth in record. We are heading down a dangerous and unstable weather pattern. Clear turbulence when flying was at a record level last year and more normal now than ever before, even in Europe major flooding and in England in northern parts of the River Themes it had breached flooding many people and villages with other rivers.

Last but not least way too much turmoil, conflicts and pockets of war. Unrest may lead to a wider war. Unrest across the U.S. with protestors in various parts of the country. We need to all take it down many notches or there will be civil unrest among more events that we all call a black swan event, Abnormal is now the new normal for 2024 and more years to come.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV January 9, 2024