United Airlines Fed up with Boeing.

Scott Kirby C.E.O. United Airlines is about fed up with the latest Boeing Airplanes problems. As of now the airline currently has 11 percent of its narrow body aircraft grounded. This model right now is the Boeing 737 max9 aircraft. Last few days the F.A.A. has asked on those operating the Boeing 737-900ERs to make further inspections. Currently there are no grounding instructions on that model.

This recent chapter with Boeing had been the last straw that broke the camels’ back with United Airlines and C.E.O. Scott Kirby. As of the beginning of December records show it had 138 900ER s and !2 900 series of the Boeing 737. If something were to make the 900Er’s grounded it would seriously make it a logistical nightmare for the airline. Problems like these should not occur at any point. Even now both United Airlines and Alaska Airlines are still reeling from this, and flights still being cancelled due to a shortfall of aircraft.

Delta Airlines also operates the Boeing 737-900ER series. As of now no comment from them as this aircraft series is not grounded just a request of further inspections. Delta operates 163 of these as of January 1, 2024.

Furthermore, there looks to be delays in deliveries of the Boeing 737 Max 10 aircraft for which both airlines have on order. United Airlines is originally set to take delivery of the first Boeing 737 Max 10 starting 2025 but there could be a delay in a few years and who knows worse case scenario up to 5 years.

As Scott Kirby looks at the options even Airbus industries has a full order book until 2030. Unless United Airlines can negotiate something with Airbus there really are no other options. Although at Fire and Aviation TV we have some ideas and solutions to this. There are ways around this for which we know the answer to United Airlines problems for the next few years or more.

Editorial Fire and Aviation TV January 23, 2024