Fire and Aviation Industry and Agencies make adjustments

The city of New York office of emergency management (OEM) gathered with other agencies early today with a response team. Cities of large population and smaller are ready or getting plans in preparation in a what if situation. Fire and rescue services along with other agencies will take the necessary actions to serve and protect. Information and communication something that’s done right along with keeping calm. This is where we ask people to stay calm and not cause pandemonium. There have been recent reports of people panicking with mass store purchases. We will get through this with calm prevailing.

Media outlets and local agencies can advise you with news and updates whereas keeping yourself aware of your surrounding and wash your hands often. This is a major virus where we can be smart and overcome this. For our aviation industry and air travel restriction to other global areas are now Italy, Iran and other middle east hot spots. For air travel in these regions your advised to contact your airline if you are supposed to travel anytime soon. For most major airports international you can see our international division.

Air travel first started to be affected where it all began in China, Wuhan province. Chinese authorities quarantined many cities and areas affected right before the Chinese New Year (January 25, 2020). Over a time, it has now spread in various parts of the world. Sunday March 1, 2020 the latest country to have airline cease operating flights to are Italy and Iran from US. Delta and American made that announcement on Italy this past weekend.

There have been challenging times in the airline industry before. In 1993 the Gulf War, then there was 9/11 which grounded aviation for the first time since first flight began. Sars was an outbreak in 2003 for which caused major issues back then. Gas prices and then in 2008 the stock market crash. Millions had been lost and fortunes vanished. Then too did a few airlines. As some ceased operations others including low budget airlines came.

Today the airline industry ten-year growth has come to an end. To date 73 airline have ceased flying to China not including recent routes being stopped in Singapore and other south east Asia markets along with Italy and Iran. The fact being the Boeing 737 Max grounding since March last year many airlines will not be in any hurry to receive their outstanding orders until the Corona Virus is curtailed and or over with.

There are many budget airlines that might fold and already financially feeling the economic slowdown. Other major airlines will survive and continue but may need government backing. Cathay Pacific has half its fleet grounded due to lack of flights operating because of the virus outbreak. Hong Kong Airlines has been grounding many of its aircraft. Even recently Emirates announced that its asking staff to take unpaid leave until such time business and routes pick up. Even airports like Hong Kong International airport are feeling the downturn operating capacity down from three terminals to only enough traffic that can be serviced by one terminal. Macau International Airport has significant amounts of flights cancelled for which they are hurting economically

We are in times where aviation industry as many other industries globally will be affected for a very long time. Many businesses will fold, and others might be revived in a very slow pace. We need to put a stop to this virus as soon as possible. Without a doubt the airline and aviation industry will loose of lot of ground in 2020 and the strongest will survive with a restart in 2021 growth. Asian carriers and airlines fleets will be reduced and a demand for aircraft orders will shrink in 2020. This is a time to take stock of future forecasts and not blame executives for profit shortcoming this year. Let’s take a moment and relax think of the positive for our global future.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 03/03/20

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