Saturday March 14, 2020 Fire and Aviation TV

Due to the current events of the Coronavirus effecting worldwide proportions it is a pandemic. Millions around the world are affected in all types of business. Effective today March 14, 2020 Airline Adviser will combine forces with Fire and Aviation TV. Facebook and twitter post’s and re-posts will be shared.

All future travel, events and conventions have all been cancelled or postponed until further notice. Same goes for all our face to face meetings. The next few weeks we are monitoring the current situation that has affected the world. We are cautious and be proactive with the current situation. For all first responders and all medical staff please stay safe and healthy. Like millions of industries are affected as the airline and aviation industry is adversely

To all leasing agencies in the aviation industry and everyone involved we are here for you. For all fire and aviation fields we are here for you. In the next 30 days or so we will be changing our operational aspects of business accordingly to the new environment we are in. The world has been turned upside down as the same for business. Many will recover and others not so much.

One of our biggest events was the FDIC for which we fully understand doing the right thing cancelling. Safety first and this goes for everyone. Having worked years in Fire and in addition side by side in aviation field it’s in the heart to continue serving you. Fire and Aviation TV will soldier on for you in both industries. More announcements coming in the following weeks ahead.

Meanwhile due to the mass media of global events we will share through Facebook—Media-Website/Fire-and-aviationTV-106032427441826/ and Twitter

Source Fire and Aviation TV 03/14/20

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