New Military Branch Logo

United States Space Force unveiled its official logo, Wednesday July 22. Not only is it a new logo it is officially the new chapter and beginning of a greater force. “Semper Supra” which translates from Latin to English “Always Above”. Unique and ironic this is the beginning of many great things like our new division covering US Military Forces.

The striking logo is a very impressive delta shape with the words below, United States SPACE FORCE. Long way from the early days along with NASA and the beginning of the Shuttle. We remember as far back as the Challenger which as we all know had a tragic end. No matter what they pushed forward with improvements and to make it as safe as possible.

Over the years and having personal views of take offs and landings the shuttle program got many of us interested in space and the possibilities. US military branch Space Force was founded December 20, 2019 as an independent service. Former years guided and shared with Air force space command. As we like to call it USAF space division. Then again it was always worded differently than our idea. This idea though with the new logo goes without a doubt the best way to move forward in time. We applaud those for this move and new logo.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 07/24/20

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