Airline Challenges

Worldwide airlines that remain in business are facing unprecedented times in the history of aviation. Challenges go way beyond “normal” times and even vision of an immediate solid future fades. More so US airlines are seeing a short-term decline since April this year during this pandemic

Billions of dollars are lost revenue with many major airlines announcing furloughs and layoffs come September this year. United Airlines stated recently it will be a much smaller airline than that before the outbreak of Covid19. JetBlue last week making the announcement along with American Airlines making the industry do a double take.

Aircraft being stored at record levels and some fifty years later since the first Boeing 747. The iconic queen of the skies retiring from just about most airlines of passenger capacity. Boeing 747 aircraft will be collecting dessert dust fading away those glorious days of old. Qantas recently flew its last iconic queen with a remarkable and unforgettable salute in Australian fashion. Flying a course in the shape of Qantas logo before heading to its final resting place true style and grace she said farewell.

Airline challenges are far beyond many peoples imaginations even the short-lived Airbus A380 with many heading for storage for a year or many more. Thus, leaving us with few flying the skies above us. These days we see far smaller version serving our airports like the A319. Many other smaller jets in airline fleets being maximized as some airlines with the fleet they have. A few airlines like Southwest and Delta blocking out the middle seat for social distancing until sometime in September. Others choose different routes of rules and booking. No matter what airline you fly make sure you wear your mask or find yourself grounded. More to come for now we say keep the social distancing and again you must bring your mask.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 07/22/20

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