Unprecedented 2020 year so far

Around this world millions of us say enough of this year. We are only the beginning of August and on this day Sunday the 9 August many count their blessings. Others not so fortunate from explosive situation in Beirut. August 4 blast killing people and destroying buildings and business. There was a miracle however where the altar at a Greek Orthodox Church survived the blast. Other buildings and areas were nearby destroyed.

Air India Express Flight overshot a runway killing some passengers with various reports saying some 16 or 17 or 18 people killed. Many others injured still in hospital. The plane skidded off the runway during bad weather and splitting in two.

In the weather area last week Isaias added pain and misery to certain areas on the east coast. Then today, Sunday morning an Earthquake of 5.1 magnitude was felt around 8am originating from Sparta North Carolina. Various reports saying it was felt as far as Washington DC and parts of the Carolinas.

Covid19, coronavirus still major situation in the US and worldwide affecting lives, income and business globally. One thing is furloughs in the aviation industry and now various reports from parts of the US about Nurses and Doctors being told they may also be furloughed as there is no money in the budgets anymore. How can this happen, and if it does why not have health districts get a bailout like airlines are most probably about to receive.

US Space Force the beginning of a greater force as one of the new additions to the military branches we see growth. Airports in addition are beginning to get more technical and smarter in dealing with the current climate. Airlines mothballing aircraft and retiring the older ones a few years ahead of schedule. This comes at time where changes rapidly change anything and everything. So, 2020 will go in the history books for sure where the whole world has begun to realize we are in unprecedented times without a doubt and want to get back to work and some kind of normality.

Fire and Aviation TV, we have already started our return in a slow yet safe way with a vision. In time to come as we are in our phase one, we will enter phase two. In September sometime moving forward with much more to come. Details with an increase of content and development being added soon. For daily updates and weekday reports on airports we strongly recommend you follow us on twitter @Fireandavaition .

Media Source Fire and Aviation TV 08/09/20

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