Hurricane Laura

Thursday morning with many across the gulf coast in Louisiana and parts of Texas dealing with Hurricane Laura and its destruction along with flooding. We hear of the first death from this extraordinarily strong Category 4 hurricane. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. Stay strong and stay healthy in these extremely difficult and unprecedented times of all our lives.

Fire departments from across the country will converge on the areas affected and joining with communities in need of help. As President and C.E.O of this company having served in fire service it feels good to help and always run deep in the heart and this is why many do not hesitate to help those in need.

Airport operations and airlines always deal with weather and many other aspects to operate. This is how they keep us all connected. At fire and aviation.TV we do the same bringing you morning reports daily except Sundays. Like millions we were shelter in place for a lengthy time and return back to service, October 2020 we will be announcing changes to improve and grow our abilities to serve the fire and aviation industries. As we rebuild like many other companies due to COVID19 Coronavirus things will be different. With this said we are all in this together and continue forward with a positive prospective.

Hurricane Laura will unfortunately be a costly hurricane causing more damage to those that have already battered another called COVID19. Rebuild and gain strength to recover come together as a community help one an another. Again, we thank all Fire Departments and others coming to the areas affected by this hurricane.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 08/27/20

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