Nine Days Before Christmas Countdown

A brief I cannot believe it’s Christmas note. Yes, the Holidays are here no matter what religion you have. God Bless you all and arrive early at the airports if flying. Bring your mask, hand sanitizer and patience. Our hats off to Austin, Bergstrom international airport and many airports who have increased security checkpoints and a tremendous job by TSA. We thank you and everyone that makes flying possible.

As the New Year is almost here too. Now is the time to prepare and be safe. Always remember it has been tough and rough, few years. We all look forward to a better and more positive New Year. A huge congratulations to Las Vegas officially renamed to Harry Reid International Airport. Additionally, to that hosting the Superbowl February 11, 2024.

We plan of ramping up operations in 2022 and making it far better year than the last few. Obviously, the pandemic changed our business among millions of others. For fire and rescue, first responders’ and front-line hero’s be safe and Thank You.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/16/21