War to Wild Weather Make It Tumultuous Times

From the President and owner of Fire and Aviation TV.  This news spread and events of recent are close to home. This is in regard to recent tornadoes one in particular that came close to home and caused severe damage to an area we call home. Monday 21 Texas seen the force of an EF3 Tornado as a reminder from two years ago once awaken at 5.30 am on Easter Sunday from an alert seek shelter immediately. We are a true believer of communication and like to be truly thankful for the state of Texas weather alerts. It saves lives and we strongly recommend wherever you are sign up for your local weather alerts.

From the beginning of the Ukraine Russian war currently ongoing still with lives lost and homes destroyed. It comes to a time where certain social media outlets are essential. If accessible as in certain parts of the world access to the internet is not always reliable or even accessible. So much is happening in the world at record breaking speeds that no website can ultimately keep up. Hence social media like twitter we depend on and like thank them.

The start of the week a China Eastern Boeing 737 Next Generation plunges to the ground from afar 30,000 feet at the speed of sound. Tragically killing all 132 lives on board. There are many theories and an investigation into this unthinkable tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected. If anything, at least one of the black boxes have been recovered as the investigation continues.

Weather and even earthquakes have rocked this world as of recent in Japan with at 7.4 magnitude early morning March 17, 2022. Many media outlets are essential in keeping informed. Fire and Aviation TV is a small company venturing out to grow in more than ever, but it takes time. We have steady stats on our audience and through social media. We are essential even in the most Tumultuous times to even the good times. We begin our spring cleaning this weekend as travel and business keeps us busy. No matter what though we are here for you keeping you informed see out twitter account.

Our deepest sincere thank you goes out to those state and counties sending early warnings along with that we share with you from us at Fire and Aviation TV. Safety first and another huge thank you to all first responders more so those at Sam Bass Fire, Austin Fire Department, Round Rock Fire rescue, Pflugerville Fire Department ESD2, and EMS Travis County. In addition, all other agencies affected by tornadoes including those in Louisiana and New Orleans that were struck Tuesday night March 24, 2022.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 03/23/22