Bad Behavior, War, Staff Shortages and More

As we are mid-week April 13, 2022, we are very close to the end of mask mandate, or are we? Many airlines like others have opinions and try to enforce the opinions on decision making. That is normal as politicians like anyone else does the same. Truth be told will it end the bad behavior. We say no maybe just reduce the numbers. Still to date though there are many who travel and not vaccinated. Europe and parts of Asia are now struggling with a new variant of Coronavirus. April 18, 2022, is the current deadline of mask mandate. As of 2020 at the start of mask mandates the FAA has recorded over 7,000 bad behavior incidents! It is not a good feeling when you are on flight when fights breakout. Violence on planes is UNACCEPTABLE. Violence in unacceptable and dangerous to everyone when flying. It needs to stop so lifting the mask mandate will it stop bad behavior and fights on flights? Where are all the air marshals we use to fly with?

Russian, Ukrainian War is undoubtedly not going to end anytime soon and very strong possibility of escalating. International air travel has been disrupted immensely and will continue to change even aviation manufacturers for a very long time. There is so much more at stake as we in this world watch on with disbelief. We pause at our commentary at this time.

Staff shortage from flight attendants to pilots. Airlines stretching crews far beyond the normal and incidents failing to supply hotels at times in recent reports. This among so much more in true reality has broken the normal pre pandemic standards of flying. Airline C.E.O.’s of certain airlines needs to step up and take stock. Other airline C.E.O.’s gets it right and those few we applaud.

Airport management across the globe are challenged. In Manchester United Kingdom one airport manager stepped down due to failing to prevent a complete mess of mis management. This has occurred at a few airports here in the US for which we are not going to mention at this time.

Although Fire and Aviation TV is not an airline, we have had shortage of updates but in the realms of a re structure which has just begun. A spring clean will be it, but in all seriousness due to losses and departures we acknowledge changes are inevitable. Years of experience and sense of sensibility.

More to come at this time we close out this editorial by saying times have changed forever with the airline industry and the world we live in. One strong recommendation is get vaccinated if you want to travel. Get booster shots too as we did. Then think about whatever decision comes around by April 18, 2022.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 04/13/22