Airlines – Summer Meltdown

Before we get started long before this year many had criticized any airline, more so Spirt Airlines for over scheduling flights vs staffing. This summer what if any has any airline learned from the past, absolutely nothing.

This time last year as the pandemic was still going strong but with vaccines being made available. This made air travel somewhat safe. For the millions including us got the shots to protect ourselves. Air travel was still spotty in areas but reflection of some normality prior to March 2020.

Now this summer not just state side but in many parts around the world air travel is a sheer summer meltdown by airlines. Up until recently United Airlines was performing the best and even flying another airline crews to meet their flights to fly. A fact and known by industry insider confirmed. Now though United announced this past week a twelve percent cutback in scheduled flights at Newark, New York. This will reflect across the extensive network of the airline. One other airline had mentioned the FAA is to blame. Not true and the FAA is not to blame although like many have some staffing issues.

The blame if any falls on many airlines for not staffing the flights they scheduled. Overall, over scheduling as we call it and thus causing chaos with many flights cancelled and people like us being delayed or worse being stuck at airports for a day or two.

A headache to fly compiled with outrageous gas prices. This has airlines up to tripling the cost of a ticket to fly as fuel costs are the second biggest overhead for them. During the pandemic high points, they received huge bailout money to stay afloat. Pilots and flight attendants by far are feeling the brunt of this and we at Fire and Aviation TV sympathize with you. For those higher up like management and the C.E.O.’s stop overscheduling!

Even certain airports across the country are not meeting the requirements of a normal if you want to call it normal operations. Currently the government is looking to raise airport employees pay as they too are on the front-line face to face with everyone flying. Flying is not fun anymore and more so stressful when you miss work or appointments for business. This is because the airline cannot guarantee everyone get to fly to their destination on time or even same day on every flight. A summer meltdown of 2022 is unacceptable as many rely on airlines to do what they got to do. The old ways of doing things does not work anymore. There are ways to improve this and get this industry back on its feet.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 06/26/22