Gas Prices vs Budget First Responder and Airlines

We begin the Summer with more increases of gas prices. As surge beyond many of us would ever imagine. Yet it continues with no sight or notion when this could stop. As many media outsources report there’s another area of concern. Hurricane season in many parts along the evacuation. Same would also go along with gas demand in wildfire areas and the need to gas up.

First responders and Law enforcement agencies are feeling the budget evaporate already. Some are over budget due to the gas prices are more exponentially than ever. Service and coverage can not be cut back so many are asking the local governments for more money. This causes other cities or municipalities having to cut back in other areas like maybe training or new equipment. Safety though will never be compromised or should never ever be considered.

Airports and airlines are feeling it also. Thought many airlines got a huge amount of money a few years ago at the start of this pandemic they have continually increased airfares. The cost of airline tickets is now on average three times the amount of per flight just before the nationwide shelter in place, March 2020. Many airlines have cutback some up to 40 percent of flight schedules. July and August in addition Delta Airlines has cut back on average 100 flight less taking off those two months upcoming. American Airline recently announced it has grounded 100 aircraft due to the lack of pilots and crew.

Staffing shortage at airports continues to play havoc to both passengers and flight operations in certain markets. Toronto Canada especially has been thwarted with continuous delays and disruptions. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been in spotlight many a time including the first weekend of June with staff shortages highlighted. KLM had to cutback its schedule too so it’s affecting many markets from fuel shortages to staffing issues.

The pandemic has changed the way the world operates for flight operations in many markets. One thing at a time needs to be addressed. That is gas prices to start as many from everyone needing gas. Airlines, airports, law enforcement, and first responders need a break now. More than anything now is the time for those who have the power and authority to start answering the call for the global economy relief.

Source Fire and Aviation 06/08/22