September 11 2001 We and Millions Will Never Forget

Twenty-one years later and still very fresh in our mind as we can say the same for everyone around that day. A somber Sunday to start as we like millions of others pay tribute and never forget. A story that millions have and remember that day forever. As owner / president of Fire and Aviation never forget. So much so that the day before there in New York City right there and latter September 10, 2001, flew out. Then actually working earlier that morning September 11, 2001, earlier than normal only to witness what everyone around the world also watched in grief and horror.

Twenty-one years to the day later one thing we will say. It needs to be part of education in our history, and nothing political or otherwise. Just education as over the years still to this day is not mandatory curriculum in all states. Our heart and thoughts to all those lives lost and the memories of those survived. Those firefighters and first responders who worked on the sites in Washington DC and New York City who now suffer from cancer and other illness caused by ingesting carcinogens.

The world and us will NEVER FORGET 9/11

Source Fire and Aviation TV 9/11/22