Challenges and Changes Needed Before Christmas

We are not alone but before we even go there. United Airlines and Delta Airlines need to resolve the broken talks of new pilot contracts. Delta alone have not had a new contract since 2016 according to reports. Airlines are being challenged in many areas, yet top brass get a fact check and bonus.

We say its time to take care of all those that make the airlines what they are. Successful and economically profitable. The line has been stretched beyond thin this last summer. Who does it ultimately affect, Everyone that flies those that have no control yet pay high fares for a lack luster service at times.

How many of you have been cancelled or delayed this summer and beyond? Its going to be a rough winter if many things are not taken care of now. Airports too are reaping in record number and profits while some workers are working low wages and understaffed in many cases.

Airports like Austin Bergstrom International are reporting record numbers yet the struggles continue at many airports. From security checkpoint and prior to that a lack of seats as once before the pandemic itself. Many like us have still got credits we can use because we can’t get the flights in order to redeem the credits. It is an ever-struggling situation for many and there needs to be changes now before the New Year and even some improvements before Thanksgiving and Christmas travel. 

Editorial By Fire and Aviation TV 11/76/22