Artic Winter Blast Travel Delays and Cancellations

Monday morning before Christmas we have been monitoring like we always do weather patterns. Our weekday reports take into fact delays and cancellations. Thursday thru Friday from the Midwest Texas to Georgia over those two days and all points north will be affected.

Snow, ice and frigid conditions will cause many roads to be slick if not impassable. Start of this week be prepared from roads to air travel. This is the busy holiday week of travel and advised to probably travel earlier.

Fire rescue and first responders always there to help. As of this morning in parts of Maine they have lost power. There will be many others with the storm starts Thursday through Friday. Be prepared stock up.

Air travel will be Impacted already this morning specially in Canada. Sever frigid temperatures will affect much of the country Thursday night through until Christmas Day. Please take heed as the week continues.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 12/19/22