FAA System Down Early Today Clears the Skies First Since 9/11

Overnight the NOTAM system from the F.A.A. was down. This is a first and left millions stranded in Canada and U.S. Between 9am and 9.30am EST the system came back online however this did not restore everything immediately. As many airports and airlines started moving it took others longer to re start operations.

Courtesy Fire and Aviation T

Pilots had never seen NOTAM down and brought the industry to a halt with surprise. Both American and Unite airlines were some of the first to report it had suspended all flights including inbound and out bound international flights as well as all domestic. Canada airspace was also affected as F.A.A maintains all services to Canada as part of the U.S. known as the North American airspace.

Another major headache for all flight personnel along with all of us that fly. It’s extremely unfortunate and was without warning. President Biden earlier today said it was a system failure and not of any intentional attacks to the system.

Seems since recent events in December and now this there is just one nightmare after the other. Let this be the last and obviously there will be an investigation into how this happened and what to do to prevent future events like this happen. By far it should never have happened but it di and no airline or airports are to be blamed for this recent event today.

As normal Fire and Aviation TV reported on this as we are an essential service to all.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 01/11/23