Goodbye 2022 Say Hello to 2023

May 2023 be one of the best years for everyone who believes. For the last year 2022 Hs been a weather wake up and events far greater than ever for many.

From recent winter weather Buffalo especially had not experienced anything like this sine 1977. A snowstorm of major magnitude that left the airport, the city, fire rescue service struggle. The airport was closed for days on end, and many lost their lives thus from freezing and stranded. Power outages without a doubt during the recent bomb cyclone caused havoc to millions along with sub zero temperatures causing damage and deaths.

Hurricane season was devastating also millions lost homes and some lost lives. More so there are moments in anyone’s life that stand out. Bernie Rayno, Chief Meteorologist from Accuweather earlier this year warned many in Fort Myers Beach to evacuate. At the time Bill Wadell a weather multimedia Journalist was on location before the arrival of Hurricane Ian reporting by a home that was destroyed during that hurricane. Sad news was they never heard from those people of the home that said they would not evacuate. Moment like this make many of us realize this is what and why we do what we do to help advise and protheses others.

Fire and Aviation TV was created and became a company before Covid19 pandemic shutdown the world at one point and changed it forever. We find ourselves more aviation than fire in 2022. Our morning reports are now Monday through Friday mornings both US and Canada to better prepare those and inform of delays cancellations or the events that may affect your travel life and life in general.

Fire Rescue will be more involved in 2023 with editorial and areas for first responders to learn. More media and the recovery of some of our media accounts for which others no longer have access too. We might be looking for others to join or outsource some of our projects to those we can trust. Furthermore, we like to showcase apparatus and equipment that are essential in the firs service today and beyond. We used to do this before the pandemic but as mentioned the coronavirus changed the world including our original business plan model.

Other world events might affect worldwide travel and we cover what’s essential. As we begin January 5, 2023, all international air travel from China to the U.S. will be tested for COVID-19 as the pandemic has surged to epic proportions in China. Other countries have already set restrictions for incoming China travelers. What needs to be done sooner is more strict screening and consider banning some as we as a world are volatile even though many have been protected by prior shots. New strains of the coronavirus can make you sick or in some cases cause death. The world does not and can not survive another shutdown.  

February 2022 saw the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine. With extreme sadness and previous destruction of cities and lives it continues to go on. Aviation too has been affected in many ways to with international travel. We have not spoken much of, but it needs to stop. Other tensions and events around the world continue and we as people must change and adapt with.

So, with this very brief review of 2022 we look forward as the new Year in 2023 is already alive in Australia. As the world begging=s a New Year we wish you all a great new year in 2023.

Fire and Aviation TV 12/31/22