Lockdown 3 Years Latter

Millions woke up to a new world March 18 2020 where things would not be the same. Question is has anyone really realized this from aviation to fire and rescue? Without getting into a debate right now fire rescue has somewhat adapted where the airline industry has not.

The airline industry is broken. Many will debate that is not true but the reality from close calls of recent to last 18 moths of airline meltdowns and horrendous delays or cancellations. The blame game from one airline or another to accusations as to why delays or other.

Now as Spring 2023 and three years latter its time to wake up and get it corrected. Its not going to happen overnight but one airline United Airlines have to right focus for future business. Although they are not perfect, they are handling things far better than others.

Fire and Aviation TV also has had its battles in time efficiency but realize that has to change too. We know what needs to be done and again its not going to happen overnight. However, our focus to the future in time will prevail.

Political and personal motives of city managers and other officials are also overstepping the mark today that will cost cities and municipalities there fire departments without due process. The old days we would say pulling the wool over one’s eyes. Another subject we have decided not to engage due to the lack of community support to a part of next to no knowledge. Its these kinds of actions that makes todays stability of prior coronavirus lockdown not the normal 2019 world of business.

Airlines and aviation sector this is not 2019 this is 2023 and no where near that the world has changed. The environment and demographics has changed and you all need to change with it. For safety and the best interest of all people flying.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 03/20/23