Troubling Times with Some Airlines

May 5, 2023, where did the first part of this year go? Well business and other ventures certainly keep fire and aviation tv on the go.

Travel is not as fun prior to coronavirus pandemic as it began here stateside in March 2020. The airline industry and travel are a mess. Fights and flight cancellations or delays continue to frustrate many, and some airline decisions are very questionable.

Jet Blue and Spirit Airlines merger is blocked right now by D.O.J. We applaud their decision as to the right explanation. As far as Spirit airlines fights continue to rise at airports as of recently. Hidden fees and unfair explanations might be the root of the cause among other reasons.

On Frontier Airlines if you are rude or otherwise you might get voted off the plane. Just like reality TV the real factor is someone this week just got voted off as a flight attendant decided to have people raise their hands to vote off a passenger.

Imagine if ALL airlines decided to vote passengers off an airline once you sat down because you have an opinion. Not removed by authorities or even police but like reality TV you might get voted off your flight. Seriously people there are some airlines that go the extra mile when it comes to reality.  

The truth of the matter is this was mishandled in an extreme way and sources are saying passengers were asking where the police were when a fight broke out earlier.

Going back to Spirit Airlines this is not the first-time fights at a gate or some kind of altercation has started. Maybe the airline needs to change what you think? Needles to say Jet Blue merger should not go through for many reasons and not just this reason alone.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 05/05/23