Changes and Diversity

As we returned this month after a major hiatus due to this pandemic covid19 we have sought to be different. We adhered to the shelter in place and social distancing, Now we are going to make major changes and diversify our company. Having experience in fire fighting and aviation field there is something more Fire and Aviation TV can do. No matter what to serve and protect, then it came to us.

Looking at the emails received and number of events recently going on it is no secret even the US Military has fire and aviation needs. Other major factors and the change of emails we have received gives us new meaning of serving. US forces and Military need an outside platform for media that has its best interests at heart. Therefore, we have a decision and announcement to make.

Effective July 22, 2020 Fire and Aviation TV will start a new division US Military Forces covering the six military branches:

Air Force


Marine Corps


Coast Guard

Space Force

The six military branches we will cover to ensure those serving get the information and media due. From this day forward we will build moving forward to assist making stronger media and networks. Based on the few contacts we have it will be an honor to serve in a limited capacity.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 07/22/20

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