Starting Back up 7/7

Fire and Aviation TV is gradually starting back up. On this day 7/7 we are evaluating a vastly different world that we left at the end of February in L.A. On returning from that trip the beginning and wake up call for U.S. travel. The airline and aviation industry spiraled to almost a complete halt. Worldwide already in the grasp of Covid19 coronavirus epidemic. North America and Canada came to terms at the beginning of March that this is worldwide even at our doorstep. Fire and medical field stretched beyond belief therefore still to this day. We salute and support all front-line heroes of all industries

We are like many almost at a re birth of our business and will come out stronger more diverse. Although over the past months with shelter in place our business like an airline parked waiting for flight. We have made some trips to discover the business needs. Over the next few months, we strive to build a network and business that serves each other. A structure that is needed to adapt to this ever changing and strange world we live in. Times of extreme uncertainty bringing the ability to rebuild along with others. Our years of experience is not going to waste, but to adapt to this strange time we live in and move forward.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 07/07/20

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