Southwest Airlines Secures Two Major Airports

Courtesy Fire and Aviation TV

Southwest Airlines stock yesterday was kind of on idle but after today things are looking better. Not one but two major additions as Miami International airport and Southwest Airlines announce they are the next addition to the airport. For both the airport and the airlines this is a major advantage because of the airlines excellent network and routes. For many years anyone flying to South Florida by Southwest had to make that trip to Fort Lauderdale Airport. To avoid driving south on the I 95 to Miami from Fort Lauderdale is a vacation on itself.

Palm Springs International airport is another addition to the network and compliments the west coast. In addition, Southwest has just picked up the slots at Long Beach Airport that JetBlue Airways left open. Southwest has been flying at Long Beach but not many flights. Now with the additional seventeen slots this gives Southwest a huge advantage Another great blessing as driving from LAX to Long Beach is no vacation whatsoever. Having done both over the years we can testify its an experience. Both Miami and Palm Springs is planned before the end of 2020.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 09/03/20

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