Media Division May 2023

Media has been and will continue to be provided via Twitter account as more fluid and up to the minute on events that occur.

From tornadoes to major flooding events, we were impacted at some point this year and yet still functioning under difficult circumstances. It’s amazing the force of nature and how much it has changed in the last ten years.

We, like millions of others need to understand this is the new normal and yes it will get worse. Same goes for turbulent air unfortunately. Airlines need to understand they can not fly ALL routes the same or push through turbulent skies. In recent months there has been violent turbulence where at least one or two incidents like the Lufthansa flight for example from Austin to Frankfurt. This flight experienced SEVERE turbulence beyond comprehension.

That morning we reported severe weather and noticed a severe line of thunderstorms and weather stretching from Texas to Washington DC, so why would you fly through that? See this news clip we share with you .

Source Fire and Aviation TV 05/06/23