Lahaina Hawaii is the Worst Wildfire and Loss of Lives

The island of Maui, Hawaii has had a horrific event that will NEVER forget for thousands of residents. As of Sunday morning August 13, 2023, the death toll had climbed to 90 with still many missing to date. This is the worse wildfire devastation and loss of life in the history of Hawaii.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected and loved ones. As owner and editor having served in the fire service even at this magnitude its overwhelming just to read and watch the stories.

We ask all those who have the ability to give back to those that can do so and help in any way. We as a world are in a major climate change that is way beyond global warming beginning. As the New York Times wrote an article in May 2023 they said Climate Change is speeding towards Catastrophe. How true those words speak volumes in this event alone.

Furthermore, many other events around the globe that have unfolded since spring 2023 until now are sounding alarms with the world at a dangerous decline of stability as we once knew. Temperatures from now until 2026 will continue to break summer records and cause for major concern. We need to act and prepare for change now.

Both Fire and aviation sectors of industries need to look at this and adapt to changes beyond the normal as once known. Aviation has seen more turbulence and some severe to date. Air currents are changing, and even clear air turbulence is on the increase from reports in the last twelve months.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 08/13/23