Veterans Day to New Year Travel with Patience

As we proceed forward from this weekend travel Veterans Day as busy, and many flights packed with every seat full. You will find from here on in with Thanksgiving being the next big travel week. Every flight might be full are close to it with the destinations for family or other like business.

As of the last few months since September we have seen uptick in delays and some cancellations. Weather in many parts will play a major role in flights feeling a late departure or arrival. In most cases if you travel earlier flights are more likely to be on time as we have personally experienced.

Prepare to pack some patience and experience full flights. Give yourself extra time during those peak periods of travel. One thing also to notice is that ticket costs are up bug time based on previous years. If you have not booked yet we strongly advise you to do so now.

Fire and Aviation TV reports Monday through Friday mornings on X platform formerly known as twitter. Beginning in December we will begin updating our pages. Our time has been filled to the maximum with travel and business projects. Some of our pages are outdated and we know we need to update so please be patient as we gradually remodel some and update others.

Source Fire and Aviation TV 11/13/23